The Journey

Due to an interesting constellation at work - a new project, with new partners and space for arbitrary ideas - I have found new motivation to spend evening time for learning and playing. I always wanted to get hands-on with this “cloud stuff”, dockerizing things, working with k8s, ansible, maybe use a new programming language, set up a github Actions pipeline, and so on.

This blog is going to be my diary on this journey.

What we have been learning lately

  • some k8s, by setting up a bare metal cluster on some Raspis
  • ansible basics, for provisioning our cluster
  • playing around with helm
  • dockerizing a Rust web service
  • homer, for a home-network utility web page
  • jekyll, aka this diary
  • too little nginx so far
  • docker-compose and linux boot params, running dockerized deconz

So what’s next?

  • little bit of CSS. But only a little, because CSS is driving me up the wall every time.
  • create a pipeline for jekyll->docker->deploy
    • use git post-commit hook (?) to
    • run ansible playbook that
    • on homecentral, git pulls, docker-jekyll-builds, serves via nginx
  • some real k8s work(load), but need ideas
    • gitea looks interesting
    • minecraft? …